Digital marketing Runetti Oy has been on the IT and Digital Advertising market for almost 7 years. In the beginning of our journey, the company has been focused on the providing of website development and marketing services.

Over time, we have expanded our resources and today the competencies of our developers allow us to implement projects of versatile levels of complexity from landing pages and online stores to high load information systems.

Convenient navigation

Landing page is visually divided into informative blocks that can be scrolled up and down, allowing customers to find quickly what they are looking for.

Responsive Web Design

Landing page is adapted to the sizes of all devices, providing a customized viewing experience for different browser platforms.

Meeting expectations

Customized content of the landing page targets particular audience and is relevant to the information presented in the advert, from which the visitor is coming to the page.


Landing page contains features that provoke an immediate response, motivating the visitors to make steps towards purchasing.

Do you need to develop a website, an online store or build high load information system?


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